Tai Dress, take two!

Ok here is the second version of this great pattern! I made the two versions back to back and I get so much wear out of both of the them.FullSizeRender[9]

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. My photography is horrid I know. I have been playing around with timer apps on my phone and this is as good as it gets apparently. The latest app has weird zooms in really close on one part of my body (this pic happens to my boobs) and slightly from an under angle (zero flattery). It also refuses to include my legs, not matter how far away or close I am. I should invest in a remote for my actual camera, but that’s money I could be spending on fabric, right? If anyone has a suggestion for a decent timer app I would appreciate it.



Let’s focus on the dress.

This time I used tencel denim. I LOVE this fabric. Drapey, soft, sews well, serges well. I did the same princess seam alteration as the last dress but this time I also took in those seams by 1/2 inch under the bust and used a 5/8 seam allowance for the side seams instead of the 1/2 SA the pattern calls for. With this fabric, hindsight tells me I should have done an FBA. It’s not pulling anywhere over my bust, but I think there is a hint on uni-boob depending on the bra that I wear with this dress.

I used the lining pieces with bemberg of course so I will be able to wear this dress with tights in the transition seasons. How great is it to have separate lining pieces??

The dress is a tad on the short side for work (no being anywhere close to my 20’s), but perfect for out and about. I am really pleased with it.



As I said in my previous post with my first Tai version, this is a great pattern. The only downside I can see to this pattern is that there is no sleeve option, but that’s what sweaters are for, right?


FullSizeRender[9] copy


Take home messages are:

1. Buy this pattern

2. Buy tencel denim, it’s wonderful

3. I am too cheap to invest in a proper camera, so enjoy the odd unflattering photography