Cozy sweatshirt dress

It’s been ages since I have posted anything on my blog. I have made of course many garments but have not been motivated to take pictures and post…..My co-worker was kind enough to take some pics at lunch so at the least these ones are not blurry.


A sewist on Instagram posted a picture of an aubergine Renfrew top she made into a dress in organic French terry and I fell in love with it right away. I just had to have one. This was my first time sewing with French terry and it was fantastic to work with and serged like a dream. Cozy-comfortable factor is high!  Though sweatshirt dresses are usually not that flattering, I really could care less when I am wearing it because it just feels so nice.


I’ve had the Sewaholic pattern for ages but shied away from using it out of sheer laziness. Because these patterns are drafted for B-cup pear shapes it required a lot of grading to fit my measurements. Grading is easy but it just seamed like a lot of work for a t-shirt. I started with size 6 shoulders and sleeves, then to a size 10 bust, to a size 6 waste, and size 2 hips. Size 2 hips! Ha! That’s funny. I used McCalls 6886 knit dress pattern from the hips down and added a cuff to the hem. The terry is sewn with the loop side in for the whole dress except for the cowl which is loop side out for a bit of textured contrast.  It’s a nice effect but hard to see in pictures.

The sleeves were VERY long and I think I cut off 4 inches of length. If you know nothing about sewing and pattern sizing my measurements on this pattern give the image of an inverted triangle with T-rex arms. 


Despite the potato sackish shape I really, really love this dress and have already gotten a lot of wear out of it. All I have to do is pick either brown or black tights and a pair earrings to go with it and…Boom! Outfit complete.


Size 2 hips? That ain’t no size 2 booty!!! Thanks for making me feel skinny (ish) Sewaholic.