McCalls 6842

Yes, they are back! The mediocre locker room picks. I know, everyone has been waiting for them right? Oh and I included some wrinkles too to make it extra special!


That’s right, there is a toilet stall behind me!

Ok, let’s ignore the photography and look at the skirt that I made, McCalls 6842. I made view C, which has a wide yolk-like top with a semi-circle attached at it’s base. It’s a cute flirty design with lots of movement. As it is a semi circle skirt, you have to be careful in the wind if the fabric is not heavy enough.

So..the fit of the skirt…….Oh the Big 4, your sizing is the pits…. there is no real description where this skirt is supposed to sit. It would be nice if they gave a ballpark, like X many inches under your navel. Nope, just a finished hip measurement that really is not the best measurement for me to go by. Why you ask? Because my largest hip width is deep in the trunk – my sides are not ‘hippy’ if that makes sense. My hip width protrudes from the butt not all the way around, like I said my junk is kept in the trunk!  For sewing I go by the measurement a few inches below my hip bone which is 37, and my jumbo bum measurement at it’s max capacity is 38 but using that as my hip measurement does not work at all. Way too big at the sides usually.


I love the print of the fabric

So I based the sizing on the finished measurement of the size 12, thinking that should do it. It’s not supposed to be skin tight, so that gives about 3.5 inches of ease. Too bad the waistline location is a mystery that I still haven’t solved. When it was time to try on the skirt before attaching the facings it could have falling to the floor if I had sucked my tummy in. I took the waistline in by 2 inches, tapering down to the original seam allowance 5.5 inches from the waistline. It’s still a bit big, and definitely sits too far below my waist for my liking. Maybe if I make it again I will make it with a waistband instead.

As you can see from the photo below it sits lower that I am used to. There is some stretch in the fabric as well that makes it loosen up in the day. Also, you can see the facing through the outside. If there is another one of these skirts in my future I might line the yolk.


My tights are just covering my belly button, and the skirt is sitting at least 2 inches below. Not my ideal skirt height.

This skirt was an easy sew. Fast, simple, no hiccups. The instructions even have detailed zipper instructions (what?!) that actually make sense. This is a great beginner pattern. The easiness of this pattern was a serious bonus for me.

The fabric is a cotton print with about 3% spandex. I love this print, I have been looking for an animal print fabric for a skirt of this style for a while – they are harder to find that one would think. I think the skirt is cute but I am not sure what to wear with it other than sweaters. That’s ok because I have lots of them, some might say too many.  I was thinking that I would make one of these in black wool in the view B option, but I am not so sure. I am on a bit of a skirt kick, and I keep wanting to make another Chardon, but really how many Chardons can a girl have?


Again, Chardon


I wasn’t joking when I said I ran out to get more fabric for another Deer and Doe Chardon Skirt! Here is the second one. The fabric is a black and white cotton with supposedly a touch of spandex in it but doesn’t seem any stretchier than quilting cotton. I would have had it finished sooner but I added a new table (Ikea Norden gateleg if you need to know) to my sewing room and I had to rearrange the whole room. Because this was a no fun task, I procrastinated for a day or two. Ok two.


I trimmed the skirt front and back pattern pieces by 2.5 inches and somehow it’s a lot shorter than my last one. Oh well, maybe not such a good length for work although a stranger complimented me on this outfit today. Good thing is was pouring with rain today so I could justify pairing the skirt with tights, which somehow makes the absence of length for this skirt less of a big deal to me. This would be a great date skirt. Now to find a date!


This time I did not make any changes to the waist and it fits perfectly, nice and snug and breathable at the same time. This is great except when sitting down all day the belt loops pop outwards from the waist band being scrunched a bit. No biggy, I am happy with the skirt. Yes, I know the skirt is wrinkled but it was the end of the day…… know.

I am on a roll with skirts! Can you have too many?

Chardon Skirt

Welcome the Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe patterns to my collection.


This is a full skirt with reversed box pleats, I opted for the longer belt loop option. This is the first time I have made box pleats and the process is satisfying when you realize what is really happening ! For such a fast and simple technique the effect is beautiful and defined and looks more complicated that it really is. I love the pleats and the belt loops make me want to go buy multiple colourful belts.

photo 5

Because there is a 2 inch difference in the waist measurements between the sizes I loosened the seam allowances on the waist to 3/8″ as I am just on the edge of one size. I really did not want to be stuck with a skirt that is too tight on the waist. In the end I did not to make this adjustment, there is actually a bit too much ease in the waist now. The other alteration I made was removing 2.75 inches from the hem line. The hem was originally too matronly for me. Going even shorter would have been super cute, but I want to be able to wear this to work without feeling self conscious, or worried that the goods might get flashed if I am not careful.

photo 4[1]

I chose a Kaufman cotton that looks like a heavier weight chambray. I wanted a grey version of this fabric, however I could not find one when I was getting my pattern fix on last week after a long day at work. That’s ok, just more fabric shopping to look for the perfect grey fabric for the next skirt! Sometimes I just get it in my mind that I need a certain pattern NOW and need to make it NOW.

I had my first serging accident with this skirt. Just above the left pocket I lost focus and sliced passed the seam allowance. Well, this was bound to happen at some point I guess. To cover the slice up and keep going with the skirt I zigzag stitch it back together with a small piece of fabric behind it. It’s not very noticeable however I might use one of my embroider stitches on my sewing machine over it if it frays when I wash it.

photo 4[2]


I am really starting to love fuller skirts, they are so feminine and pretty.

Basically it’s a basic… Simplicity 2451 take two!




After a failed attempt at this super popular skirt I have finally made it again, this time in a light weight denim with zero stretch, and I sized down. The skirt sits where it is supposed to which is 1 inch below the natural waist line, not 2 inches below like my last version. I am learning ! The skirt is so much more flattering in the smaller size, thank you inter-webs for teaching me about the finished garment measurements to focus on.

This skirt is easy to put together, and I realized while making this one how far I have come since last summer: I now know so much more about patterns and the pieces are not a mystery to me. I barely looked at the instructions, but good thing I did otherwise I would have put the zipper in at the wrong time. I machine hemmed my skirt, I thought it keeps with the more casual look of the denim…..and it’s faster!

On the topic of learning – I debated over lining this skirt, and I didn’t to keep it casual. I regret that. Learning: I much prefer lined skirts and dresses. Note to self: line everything.



I am stepping forward to mask the wrinkles in my skirt, really I just look like I am practicing my lunges in a wrinkled skirt. I have said it before, I love the pleats and pockets of this pattern. Extra fabric from dresses that I have made might just end up as this skirt.



2451 front

First attempt

Hollyburn Skirt


So focused, I forgot to smile. This is the theme in most of my pics for this post


Still no smiling! I didn’t realize the waist band had folder over in these pics. oopsy!

Here is my version of Sewaholics Hollyburn skirt. I had no idea why I took my sweet time with this skirt, but I just could not sit down and finish it. The instructions are very easy, it’s a nice straight forward pattern, excellent instructions, and there are many online tutorials for adding lining to this pattern.


Short bodied


Short bodied evidence

I think part of it was that this is not my typical style skirt and I was having a hard time liking the cut while trying it on during the construction process. This is a very full skirt, I love the way it looks on others online but I am not used to seeing myself in this shape.

Making this skirt made me realize a couple of things about the shape of my body that I should consider when selecting pattern so my expectations of how I will look in the finished product are more accurate. First, I carry most of my hip measurement in the rear – so my booty is the main part of my hip girth. Apparently this makes my hips look wider in a fuller skirt. I also realized just how short bodied I am. The high waist of this skirt really put into perspective how close my natural waist is to my bust. I should consider this for adjustments but also for imagining what to wear with higher waisted skirts and pants (lol like I am going to make pants anytime soon! pffff!). These are certainly not complaints about my body, just observations I have not considered when I am looking to make new garments.


I am doing an awesome bathroom selfie, I am trying to show just how full in the hips the skirt is without my hands and arms in the way.


I made this skirt out of a mystery cotton (maybe) blend from my Paris shopping trip, and lined it with bemberg rayon. The mystery fabric was so light that I had to tack it to the lining which took away from some of the hip width. The mystery fabric was super cheap in all senses of the word so maybe I should consider this a wearable muslin. Next time I make this pattern, I am going to grade down a size or two and the hips, and use better fabric.

I want to learn to love this skirt. I love it on everyone else in the sewing blogosphere, thankfully there are so many who have posted cute outfits with their Hollyburn skirts. Yay internet!! I was looking for something to wear with this skirt and I found a coral top with bows around the neckline that I completely forgot I owned. Why haven’t I been wearing it, it’s so cute.

IMG_1236 IMG_1242

Simplicity 2451

I am not in these pics for 2 reasons, the first being that no one is here at the moment to take the picture, and second it doesn’t fit. I appreciate other bloggers who post pictures of themselves wearing what they have made so you can see how it drapes and moves on a person. So apologies, the next post will have me wearing the latest project!


The skirt is at least one size, if not two, too large. I know, I know, I should know better as most of the Big Four usually make their patterns too large. I did read the finished measurements on the hips, of course there was no mention of the final waist measurement, and it still turned out too big. Live and learn I guess.

Anyway, the skirt itself is nice and was pretty easy to make, just not the right size. I used a dark grey pin striped stretch denim that I have had in my stash from when I first started sewing. I love that there are pockets, which are a part of the design aesthetic and not hidden. The only negative about them is they are a bit shallow. I think if I make this pattern again I will add an inch or two in the pocket depth. I used a dark grey pinstripe stretch denim that I have had for a long time and the instructions were fairly straight forward. The zipper had a few issues going in, but at that point I knew the sizing was off andI just wanted to finish the project so I could start a new one. This is the first time I have sewn pleats, so that gets added to skills learned.



If I can’t find a taker for this skirt, at least Smiley likes it. It’s not his style but he has found at least a use for it.


The Miette Skirt

I love 70’s retro fashion, that era just really speaks to me. Tilly’s Miette skirt has been on my list for a while. In case you are not not familiar with her patterns, they are pdf downloads that you print out and either tape or glue the pieces together. The pattern was very well laid out, although I had a couple of issues with two of the pages not lining up properly. I think this was a copy/printer error on my end and not the pattern.


miette 4Image

Tilly has very well written instructions on her website with photographs for each of the steps. The pattern is super easy to put together, great for a beginner.The only alteration I made was removing 4 inches from the hem. I added my very first embroidery detail which was easier than I thought.

I chose a lightweight chambray fabric for the skirt and used beige thread for the embroidery detail. First time using this function on my sewing machine, and I can’t wait for a reason to do more!


I am not used to wearing skirts ( I wear dresses usually) so this will take some getting used to. Also, this was not the best choice for the upcoming fall season. However, I think I might try this pattern again without the pockets in a lightweight wool with a more fluid drape.

Oh and I am not one to toot my own horn, but I did a really good job of stitching in the ditch, first time!