See Kat Cook!

This dish was a winner at my book club. Do you like the rogue battery in the corner??

This dish was a winner at my book club. Do you like the rogue battery in the corner??

My new work pal Emily recently published her first cook book, Well Fed, Flat Broke  and very kindly gave a copy to me. After making a few recipes and being extremely happy with them I thought I should tell everyone about the yummy recipes I have been making.

Chana Masala

The book is about eating deliciously while on a tight budget. I have to say I was very impressed as soon as I started trying the recipes. I felt Emily’s love of food right away when I started trying her meatless recipes – if a meat eater can make lentil tacos more desirable than beef tacos, she LOVES all food. I am not a vegetarian but those meatless meals were delicious and will all be made again, some already have.

This week I decided to plan my dinners and left over lunches based on a common ingredient. Since I have been so virtuous with lentil tacos, chana masala, roasted aloo ghobi, and lentil sloppy joes, I thought that bacon was a good choice. I started with the leek and bacon barlotto (risotto made with barley) and then pasta shells with bacon, chickpeas and brussels sprouts.

Bacon bacon bacon!

Obviously the dish with bacon starch and wine was a winner, how could it not be? But the pasta was really excellent. The salty bacon with chickpeas and pasta was surprisingly a fantastic combination, layered with a kick from the chillies and the freshness of lemon juice  and zest. The bonus here – I realized I really like brussels sprouts! Cooked with bacon of course……


Lentil tacos – to die for!

Anyway, if you are looking for new recipes that are based on Vancouver fusion cuisine that is easy on your wallet, I recommend Emily’s book, and you can buy it here on Amazon for pre-order for the April release.

Lentil sloppy joes

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