McCalls 6842

Yes, they are back! The mediocre locker room picks. I know, everyone has been waiting for them right? Oh and I included some wrinkles too to make it extra special!


That’s right, there is a toilet stall behind me!

Ok, let’s ignore the photography and look at the skirt that I made, McCalls 6842. I made view C, which has a wide yolk-like top with a semi-circle attached at it’s base. It’s a cute flirty design with lots of movement. As it is a semi circle skirt, you have to be careful in the wind if the fabric is not heavy enough.

So..the fit of the skirt…….Oh the Big 4, your sizing is the pits…. there is no real description where this skirt is supposed to sit. It would be nice if they gave a ballpark, like X many inches under your navel. Nope, just a finished hip measurement that really is not the best measurement for me to go by. Why you ask? Because my largest hip width is deep in the trunk – my sides are not ‘hippy’ if that makes sense. My hip width protrudes from the butt not all the way around, like I said my junk is kept in the trunk!  For sewing I go by the measurement a few inches below my hip bone which is 37, and my jumbo bum measurement at it’s max capacity is 38 but using that as my hip measurement does not work at all. Way too big at the sides usually.


I love the print of the fabric

So I based the sizing on the finished measurement of the size 12, thinking that should do it. It’s not supposed to be skin tight, so that gives about 3.5 inches of ease. Too bad the waistline location is a mystery that I still haven’t solved. When it was time to try on the skirt before attaching the facings it could have falling to the floor if I had sucked my tummy in. I took the waistline in by 2 inches, tapering down to the original seam allowance 5.5 inches from the waistline. It’s still a bit big, and definitely sits too far below my waist for my liking. Maybe if I make it again I will make it with a waistband instead.

As you can see from the photo below it sits lower that I am used to. There is some stretch in the fabric as well that makes it loosen up in the day. Also, you can see the facing through the outside. If there is another one of these skirts in my future I might line the yolk.


My tights are just covering my belly button, and the skirt is sitting at least 2 inches below. Not my ideal skirt height.

This skirt was an easy sew. Fast, simple, no hiccups. The instructions even have detailed zipper instructions (what?!) that actually make sense. This is a great beginner pattern. The easiness of this pattern was a serious bonus for me.

The fabric is a cotton print with about 3% spandex. I love this print, I have been looking for an animal print fabric for a skirt of this style for a while – they are harder to find that one would think. I think the skirt is cute but I am not sure what to wear with it other than sweaters. That’s ok because I have lots of them, some might say too many.  I was thinking that I would make one of these in black wool in the view B option, but I am not so sure. I am on a bit of a skirt kick, and I keep wanting to make another Chardon, but really how many Chardons can a girl have?


2 thoughts on “McCalls 6842

  1. I made a skirt from that pattern too — and encountered the same fitting problem! Still, I think it’s a cute design — love the flirty, flippy skirt part, but if I make it again I think I will shorten the yoke. The proportion is just a little bit off. Love it in the animal print — I might have to try that!

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