Flora-Truffle Dress

Kathy from the Nerdy Seamstress and an extra BHL Flora dress pattern online so I jumped on that right away. As so many other sewists say, other sewists are the nicest people ever. Kathy was sweet enough to stuff a surprise of fabric in the envelope, which I of course love. She has has amazing taste in fabric, and if you never seen her beautiful dresses you really should. I actually didn’t realize you could mesh two different patterns together until I read on her blog that she was doing it all the time. So it’s only suitable that with her fabric and pattern that I mesh it up with another pattern.




Actually I had a perfect amount of the cotton blue and navy dot fabric for the bodice and lining. I did make a muslin, and during the process I finally came to the realization and acceptance that I need to start making FBA’s for most patterns. I registered for another Craftsty course ‘Adjust the bust‘ which de-mystified how and why to chop up your patterns. I had no idea how to and I did not understand how make bust adjustments until I did this course. This is such a great website !



So, I lowered the bust darts and made just under 1/2 FBA (1 full inch) and shortened the dart. I am planning on making the full pattern and next time I will redraw the dart to the original length. The darts up close have too room in that area, if that makes sense. Based on what other sewists have said about the gaping in the front I ran 1/8″ elastic in the seam allowance between the shell and the lining. I should have only pulled the elastic by an extra inch, but  I went for 2 inches for no reason and now you can see rippling. Next time – just an inch.


Thanks to Kathy for the super cute fabric!

I wanted a more A-line bottom so I could wear this dress to work and be a bit more conservative. I used the skirt from Colette Patterns Truffle dress in a regular black cotton and lined it with bemberg rayon, of course! The only issue with using the different skirt is that the two patterns have slightly different fits – the Flora is very fitted and the Truffle is meant for a bit more ease. When I joined the bodice to the skirt there was about an extra inch on both sides on the skirt, so I trimmed it as sparingly as possible, but the waste line is SNUG. I am not sure how it will be sitting at my desk for most of the day at work. We will see! Maybe if I only eat a salad at lunch…..


The lining is a medium grey and the binding is a light silvery grey.

I used hem binding for the first time which makes for a more professional finish. Well worth the extra time and money.

The only thing with this dress is that I am self conscious about the tummy area. The skirt is not tight over the tummy but I feel that by removing so much ease in the skirt that the shape may have been altered a bit which draws my attention to that area, and gives a roundness/thickness if that makes sense.  I haven’t worn the dress yet, maybe it will loosen out a bit, however bemberg usually stops cotton from stretching.



This dress feels a bit heavy, which is actually what I was going for. I wanted a transitional piece that can be layered with tights and a cardigan  or wear with neither, and be able to be comfortable with too much air conditioning in the summer. I am really happy with how it turned out, and will definitely make it again – both patterns!



8 thoughts on “Flora-Truffle Dress

  1. I love this dress, and I like the pattern smash up! I would never have thought to combine these two patterns together. I love that it looks like one of classy RTW dresses, but much better of course because it fits you! I’m happy to see that you used the fabric.

    I love the Craftsy Adjust the bust course. Before I bought the course, I did quite a bit FBA already. I refer back to it all the time for the princess seams. I prefer doing a FBA this way then any of the other tutorials I’ve seen online.

    P.S. I’ll get on the blog hop next week. I promise! I know, I’m a bit late. 😛

    • Thanks again for the fabric, I love it! Fortunately, the waste line relaxed a bit when I wore it to work on Monday and it is very comfortable.
      I love Craftsy – I have my fingers crossed their serging course goes on sale, I have read amazing reviews about that one. Apparently I am not using my serger to it’s full potential. Have you taken that course?
      I can’t wait to read your blog hop!

  2. Hey Kat! So nice to meet a fellow Vancouver sewer! I love the dress you’ve made here…and about a hundred of the ones I’ve scrolled down looking at. New sewer? Um, you are very talented and have been sewing wonderful outfits! Well Done! I’ve been on a dress kick for a while now, and wonder if I’ll make many winter versions. We’ve been so lucky with nice weather, that it’s hard to imagine rain, and boots, and cold. I love the Nerdy Seamstress too, and I’m glad you’ve nominated her to join the blog hop. It’ll be nice to see her answers too!

    • Hi Sue, thanks! Well I guess it’s been about 2 years now since I started, I think! I have learned so much from other bloggers. Yes, you have to make winter dresses. And fall dresses. Can’t wait to see your next makes.

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