The Saltspring look-a-like



I have already made this pattern before, it’s Vogue 8870. I love the pattern but I wanted to change it up a bit. I wanted a maxi version with the blousing of Sewaholic’s Saltspring dress, without having to buy another pattern. I am trying to keep to a monthly sewing budget and I have lots of patterns I have not made yet so I decided to wing it with the Vogue pattern.


Look at that fabric!

I bought this lightweight cotton print (maybe voile, not sure) with the intention to make this dress. I love the print on this fabric and thought it would be perfect for a Saltspring-like dress. There is a slight sheen to it that stayed even after I washed the fabric.



I lengthened the skirt pattern pieces and removed the high-low hem. I found out during construction the front piece was longer ooops. From what other bloggers have written, I followed their description of the Saltspring’s bodice construction. I cut the lining to be the same as the original pattern and added an inch in length to the actual bodice pieces. Everything was going smoothly until I realized there was an inch long tear in the middle of the front bodice …..grrr! I knew when I bought it there was a tear and the fabric store had added a free 1/2 meter because of it. I was careful to mark the tear so I could avoid it, but apparently there was another surprise tear I didn’t see….So I hummed and hawed over what to do because of course I didn’t have enough fabric left for another bodice piece. I could have cut a piece on the bias but the pattern is directional so that would just look like a giant mistake. I tried machine embroidery over the tear, and it looked stupid and out of place. Then I thought about applique then realized I would need special glue for it which I didn’t have. I was tempted to go buy more fabric, but then I smartened up and decided to add a seam allowance the bodice centre and cut two half bodice pieces and used French seams to join them.


Problem averted. Time to keep sewing. I couldn’t figure out why the side seems were not matching up, and unpicked the seams a few times until I realized I hadn’t added the bust darts…….Back to sewing. But then the brain freeze kicked in again with the lining and I was unsure how to attach the lining at the neck line and keep it as a lining and not underlining….well lets just say it’s a combo. The dress is not the prettiest on the inside. Oh well, shit happens.


The waist elastic the first time I tried it on was too loose so I tightened it. It was still too loose, so I tightened it again. Before I tried it on again, I thought it would be a good idea to tighten the elastic even more to save time because surely it would be too loose again. I swear I was not drinking I have no idea where that brilliant idea came from. The elastic was so tight it barely got over my shoulders and got stuck when I took it off. If you live alone and have gotten stuck taking clothes off then you know the panic that comes over you when your dress is over your head and your arms are stuck in the air with no way out. I was actually so stuck I was thinking of what friend I could call to come over and help me out of it. Finally I got it off, but then had no more elastic left…

Apparently I also published this post accidentally before I finished writing it! Haha.

This dress had sewing issues, but really it’s just part of learning. Fortunately I am also learning that if I am getting frustrated while sewing, just take a break and come back to it later. Have a drink and relax, or whatever. For all the issues I had I am still super happy with my maxi!


I think Smiley likes my dress.


Or maybe not!


17 thoughts on “The Saltspring look-a-like

  1. Lol! I hate that panicky feeling when I get stuck in clothes. Well done getting around all those hiccups (sometimes sewing can be intensely frustrating!), it looks amazing. Ah, the amount of times I’ve made constant mistakes … I often feel like I’m unpicking every single seam due to errors!

    • Well if I ever get stuck like that again, I could just call the fire department lol. At least I am learning excellent stitch unpicking skills, I didn’t tear the fabric!

  2. “Oh well, shit happens.” that made me laugh out loud, I SO know that feeling. I get frustrated too and just keep making more mistake until I’m stomping around the house – my husband says “why not take a break” and I just yell back “NO! I MUST KEEP WORKING”. He’s totally right though (he usually is).

  3. Such a pretty dress, that fabric is beautiful! Aren’t there projects where everything goes wrong the worst? When it happens it feels like the.worst.thing and then when the dress is done you feel like ah, they were just minor bumps, live and learn! Good thing you powered through though, the result is excellent. And who cares about the inside?

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