Chardon Skirt

Welcome the Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe patterns to my collection.


This is a full skirt with reversed box pleats, I opted for the longer belt loop option. This is the first time I have made box pleats and the process is satisfying when you realize what is really happening ! For such a fast and simple technique the effect is beautiful and defined and looks more complicated that it really is. I love the pleats and the belt loops make me want to go buy multiple colourful belts.

photo 5

Because there is a 2 inch difference in the waist measurements between the sizes I loosened the seam allowances on the waist to 3/8″ as I am just on the edge of one size. I really did not want to be stuck with a skirt that is too tight on the waist. In the end I did not to make this adjustment, there is actually a bit too much ease in the waist now. The other alteration I made was removing 2.75 inches from the hem line. The hem was originally too matronly for me. Going even shorter would have been super cute, but I want to be able to wear this to work without feeling self conscious, or worried that the goods might get flashed if I am not careful.

photo 4[1]

I chose a Kaufman cotton that looks like a heavier weight chambray. I wanted a grey version of this fabric, however I could not find one when I was getting my pattern fix on last week after a long day at work. That’s ok, just more fabric shopping to look for the perfect grey fabric for the next skirt! Sometimes I just get it in my mind that I need a certain pattern NOW and need to make it NOW.

I had my first serging accident with this skirt. Just above the left pocket I lost focus and sliced passed the seam allowance. Well, this was bound to happen at some point I guess. To cover the slice up and keep going with the skirt I zigzag stitch it back together with a small piece of fabric behind it. It’s not very noticeable however I might use one of my embroider stitches on my sewing machine over it if it frays when I wash it.

photo 4[2]


I am really starting to love fuller skirts, they are so feminine and pretty.


12 thoughts on “Chardon Skirt

    • Thanks Louise! I recommend this pattern for sure. I also have to get on the Belladone train. I can’t wait to see yours! Next month’s shopping budget must include that pattern.

  1. So so pretty! It really suits you! I think you nailed the length too. I have been eyeing this pattern for some time…its a great one for showcasing cool belts, I love the box pleats!

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