Another Anna – this time I made a muslin !

A muslin??! Yes you read it right, I made a muslin. And omg it worked! I have had a phobia of alterations, until I registered for a fitting course on Craftsy. This course was fantastic, I finally understand how altering patterns works. Now I can actually transfer alterations to the pattern, and it’s not as hard as I thought.  The result: an Anna with no gaping at the neck and I omitted the back darts by making the alteration to the pattern.


Another first for me was using quilting cotton instead of fashion/apparel fabric thanks to the blogosphere. There are so many seamstresses that use this type of fabric and I now see why. So many fabrics to choose from and it is easy to sew. Plus, it’s all cotton so it is comfortable to wear all day.

This time I made the boat neck version of the dress and lined the whole dress with bemberg. The downside to lining the dress completely is that this pattern has so many panels in the skirt that it was time consuming to make the lining. Using French seams (for the lining only) also added to the the amount of time it took, but it’s worth it. I think I will change the skirt next time.


No gaping at the back neckline ! Woohoo!!


The zipper is a regular zipper, my invisible foot still has not come in (WTF??) I am actually getting really annoyed with the store that supposedly ordered it along with another foot for me 2 months ago. Grrrrr….fortunately it’s not very noticeable that I used a regular zip. There is no way I am going to use that ridiculous plastic universal concealed zipper foot again, the only thing it does well is accentuate the zipper. Ok, rant over.


I am pretty pleased with my dress, if I do say so myself. The fit is great and the fabric is fantastic! It’s Michael Miller’s Waterfront Park Flight design in black and white.


Proof I really did make a muslin.


9 thoughts on “Another Anna – this time I made a muslin !

  1. I am finally following you! Yeah! I love this dress on you. I have this pattern but it’s the making the muslin which is putting me off. Which craftsy course did you use?

    • I took the Custom Fitting neck back and shoulders. It was so easy to follow, and adjusting FINALLY makes sense. I only make a muslin for the bodice and it was quick since it’s only 3 pieces and 4 darts. Try it!

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