Basically it’s a basic… Simplicity 2451 take two!




After a failed attempt at this super popular skirt I have finally made it again, this time in a light weight denim with zero stretch, and I sized down. The skirt sits where it is supposed to which is 1 inch below the natural waist line, not 2 inches below like my last version. I am learning ! The skirt is so much more flattering in the smaller size, thank you inter-webs for teaching me about the finished garment measurements to focus on.

This skirt is easy to put together, and I realized while making this one how far I have come since last summer: I now know so much more about patterns and the pieces are not a mystery to me. I barely looked at the instructions, but good thing I did otherwise I would have put the zipper in at the wrong time. I machine hemmed my skirt, I thought it keeps with the more casual look of the denim…..and it’s faster!

On the topic of learning – I debated over lining this skirt, and I didn’t to keep it casual. I regret that. Learning: I much prefer lined skirts and dresses. Note to self: line everything.



I am stepping forward to mask the wrinkles in my skirt, really I just look like I am practicing my lunges in a wrinkled skirt. I have said it before, I love the pleats and pockets of this pattern. Extra fabric from dresses that I have made might just end up as this skirt.



2451 front

First attempt


5 thoughts on “Basically it’s a basic… Simplicity 2451 take two!

  1. It turned out great! I have this skirt made up in denim too and it’s such a great basic skirt, it really goes with everything. I bet you’ll wear this one many, many times!

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