Gathering a skater

lsd3   I hadn’t intended on having my next sewing project being another version of the Lady Skater Dress, but I have been waiting on an invisible zipper foot to come in so I can finish 2 dresses. I have a universal invisible zipper foot, which looks like one of those dinky prizes you get in a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. Yes, it fits onto my machine but being made of slippery plastic, the tracks slip over the zipper which completely defeats the purpose of using the foot. Biggest waste of $10.00 ever! I messed up the zipper on my Sureau dress, the foot slipped so much that I ended up sewing into the zipper teeth which is nearly impossible to unpick. I have a Sigma dress from Papercut patterns draped sadly over my ironing board waiting for the zip to go in. Just a few steps after that and it’s done.  Booooo universal zipper foot.



Ok, back to the dress I am supposed to be chatting about. I thought about using the bodice from the Sigma dress, but I wasn’t sure how bust darts would look with the stripes. Instead, I used bodice is from the lady skater dress pattern with a gathered skirt and 3/4 length sleeves.

This was my first time working with stripes and  I tried really hard to match them. They are a tiny bit off on one side but nothing to loose sleep over.   The skirt is literally too rectangles gathered to fit the bodice, I think about 29 inches across to start with. I made sure that the skirt was sewn on securely to the elastic on the bodice. I think it might look better with a belt, at times I think the gathered skirt is not as flattering as the original skirt, but who cares? It’s so cute!!

lsd2 Alterations: I had to take the waist in half an inch on both sides, I finished the arms with a very narrow cuff, and decided against the double needle hem. I promise I am have other dresses on the go, but this pattern is just so gratifying. No zips, no buttons, easy alterations. Plus it is a fast sew. If you haven’t tried it yea, do it. Now!


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