A Liebster Award !!


The lovely Kathy from the Nerdy Seamstress nominated me for a Liebster award, which is very sweet considering I just started my blog less than 6 months ago. I am teaching myself how to sew and am learning most of my skills from other bloggers, and now I get to pass my thanks along by nominating other bloggers. I read my nominated blogs all the time; all focused on sewing, all have slightly different and slightly similar fashion preferences. You should really check out their blogs! The Liebster Award has varying rules, this one seams to follow the rule of eleven.

The Award Guidelines

1. If you are nominated for the award and accept it, then you have won!

2. Link back to the person who presented the award to you.

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve the award.

4. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their blog.

5. Attach the  Liebster award badge to your site.

6. Answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions to my nominees, and give 11 facts about myself

My nominees (in random order):

1 . mystitchnbitch

2. Sewin‘ in the rain

3.  Dreaming of Avonlea

4. IngeMaakt

5. the curious kiwi

6. i heart fabric

7. sewexhausted

8. Offsquare

9. le coussin du singe

10. simply E.GO.tistical 

11. Adventures of a Young Seamstress

The Nerdy Seamstress’s questions

1. What interesting fact about yourself that you want people to know? 

I used to do competitive powerlifting. Used to.
2. Why did you take up sewing?

I don’t really know. I just suddenly took an interest, google pattern companies, then googled certain patterns and was introduced to images of bloggers’s sewing projects and that was it.
3. Other than sewing, if time weren’t a concern, how would you spend your day?

Shop for fabrics of course! With the million dollars in my pocket what else would I have time for?
4. What have you learned most from maintaining a blog?

Sewing bloggers are crazy supportive. This community is amazing and very inspiring.
5. What other artistic/crafty things do you like to do?

I used to make jeweler.
6. What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

Walking along the water in the sunshine.
7. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

Upgrade my home, and invest.
8. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

Endless carefree summers. Do you remember those? Two months seemed like an eternity, so much time, so much sun, so much fun.

9. What’s your make that you’re proud of?

My Truffle dress, it’s the first dress I have lined, considered lining, and gotten compliments on.
10. What have you learned most from sewing?

Patience patience and more patience. Also, we are so lucky to have the internet. I have learned so much about sewing that by reading other bloggers’ experiences, techniques, pitfalls, successes and tips.

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?

 Coronation Street. Did I just type that? Yes it’s true, for some reason I have to watch every episode of this trashy but mesmerizing British show.

11 Facts about me:

1. I can’t believe I admitted to loving Coronation Street.

2. I am single, 36 (!).

3. I love dogs

4. I hate going to bed, and I hate getting out of bed.

5. Morning coffee is the start to the day. Everyday.

6. I sleep on one side of the bed, never go to the other side. I wake up and half of my bed is pristine and made.

7. I do not care for milk. The last glass of milk I had was when I was 2.

8. I can tan if I really try. Really I can.

9. This is my natural hair colour. I came into the world with this hair, I know it’s called red but come on it’s orangy right?

10. I have skied twice and I do not know how to ice skate. Yes I am a Canadian girl….

11. I have always had a fear of falling.

11 Questions for My Nominees

1. What interesting fact about yourself that you want people to know?
2. Why did you start your blog?
3. Other than blogging, if time weren’t a concern, how would you spend your day?
4. What have you learned most from maintaining a blog?
5. What artistic/crafty things do you like to do?
6. What makes you happy?
7. How much fabric do you have in your stash right now?
8. What’s your favourite childhood memory?
9. What’s your make that you’re proud of?
10. What part of sewing are you afraid/wary of?
11. What’s your guilty pleasure?


7 thoughts on “A Liebster Award !!

  1. Thank you Kat! And OMG, I am so happy I learned so much more about you in this post! I have so many things to say! Power lifting? Wow! The going to bed/leaving bed thing – I totally relate to! And I sleep the same way, on one side – people joke that I sleep as if I’m in a coffin, I don’t move all night! 😛 And I was watching the Olympics this morning on NBC and was irked when the commentator said, “I’m surprised there aren’t more gold medal Canadian skaters – all Canadian girls figure skate and all Canadian boys play hockey”. I was like, !)*%^@#(*&$(*@&#$!! Way to stereotype us Canadians, yet again! (lol – I’m obviously still irked by that!)
    And – I love your hair color – you are so lucky!
    Thanks again!

  2. I enjoyed reading this! 🙂 I kind of like reading these because we get to see the bloggers in a different light. 🙂

    I still admire your truffle dress and! that you lined it fully with bemberg rayon! I haven’t been so successful with bemberg for the bodice. :/

    I can’t wait to see more of your makes! 🙂

    • Thanks Kathy. Maybe you should revisit the Truffle dress, it’s so simple to make, which makes adding the bemberg easier. i wore that dress this week and the rayon makes it so comfortable to sit in all day.

  3. Thank you for the nonination! 😀 I am so honored. I confess I LOVE going to bed- but hate getting pout of it. 😉 I will do my best to follow the rules of 11!

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