Another Lady Skater and Shopping in L.A.

Lady Skatergreen

Right before I headed to LA for New Year’s to visit my friend, I decided I just had to have a short sleeved version on my Lady Skater dress. I used a dark green ponte this time, and decided to shorten the bodice by one inch. I am pleased with the results, except that the back neck seems to gape, and I am not sure why. With my hair down or if I am wearing it with a cardigan it is not noticeable. Not bad for a quick 2 hour dress!

green LS

This photo was so dark it was hard to see the dress, had to play with the colour so the details could be seen – ignore the orange face !!

This dress is really so comfortable, I wore it on the plane and on out a couple of times. I would love to make one with a black bodice and a colourful print on the bottom…..More more more!!

Ok onto shopping in LA. I had ย only 2 hours allocated to fabric shopping during my stay. My friend Kelly and I stayed overnight in the city (she lives an hour and a half outside of LA) and I couldn’t bare to subject her to many hours of watching me walk around fabric stores touching every single fabric that caught my eye so I knew I should stick to one store. Thankfully the sewing blogosphere made my research on picking one store very easy, and decided onย The Fabric Store. I was not disappointed, this store is beautiful, the staff was so friendly, and best of all there is a large table with chairs where Kelly set up her laptop and worked while I shopped.

photo 2[1]

For anyone who is looking for Merino wool jersey, this is should be your first stop. This store is based in New Zealand which is Merino wool central, and The Fabric Store has a large selection – solids in any colour, stripes, and a couple of patterns. The silks they carry are also incredibly beautiful and plentiful which makes it hard to stick to a budget. I chose only one silk in black with woven dots as I have yet to try working with silk. The sales lady said they do ship to the US and to Canada, and although there is no online catalogue, they will send samples upon request. The store also has a frequent purchaser stamp card, perfect for me as I plan to visit again next time in I am in LA.

Oh – they also carry Papercut Patterns. I picked up the Coppelia and La Sylphide with the intent to use with the Merino jersey and silk I picked up from the Fabric Store. The others fabrics are cottons (some with a kiss of spandex) and a wool cotton blend for a skirt.

In case you are dying to know what Kelly was working on while I was shopping (because I know you were all wondering) she is a relationship expert at Cal State University San Bernardino, and she was working on her latest blog post.

It’s hard to come back from sunny Southern California to the Westcoast winter rain….good thing I have my fabrics to keep me busy!!


9 thoughts on “Another Lady Skater and Shopping in L.A.

    • Well I have to say that it was a lot easier with no purse and water bottle in hand – it was nice to leave that on the table while I shopped around. Plus there is really only so much I could spend so more time would mean more money.

  1. The Fabric Store is my favorite fabric shop in New Zealand. They used to be called Global Fabrics before they opened their LA store. Apparently that name was already taken so they changed the name of the chain. If you see any of the NZ bloggers talking about Global or “Global-that-was” we’re talking about The Fabric Store. I love your skater dress!

  2. Kat! I love your Lady Skater Dress! I think I have to get this pattern after seeing your lovely makes. I can’t believe you only allowed yourself 2 hours of fabric shopping, such restraint you have! ๐Ÿ™‚ You should have gone to Mood Fabrics, it’s right down the street from The Fabric Store! I love, love the Fabric Store! It quickly became my favorite fabric store. The fabrics are simply gorgeous.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s info on my blog. I love reading your sewing adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks Kathy for the nomination!!!
    Don’t worry, I filled up more than half a stamp card at The Fabric Store, and next time I come to LA I will check out Mood Fabrics. It’s hard to stay away from all that sunshine (and fabrics!).

    • Susie Homemaker be warned once you start with the pattern it’s hard to stop. I just bought more fabric for another one, even though i have another project fully cut and marked. It’s very comfortable, wearable, and flattering.

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