Lady Skater Dress

So before I start talking about the pattern, let me first address the obvious issue here. Yes, I took selfies, and yes I took them in the ladies change room at my gym. No, I am not trying a failed attempt at being artsy, it’s just hard for a single gal to get someone to take my pics during this busy season. So, apologies for the terrible background, however I did play around with my Vintique app to try to dull the background down. I was tempted to put laser effects zinging out of the toilet stall behind me but then thought that might be a little much…..


Ok, now on to the dress. It’s the Lady Skater Dress that everyone who is afraid of knits attempts it, wins, then has new found courage to attempt other knit projects from then on. This is me included.

The instructions are great and list many tips for knits such as what stitches are the best, and what foot to use.  I printed them out in black and white so I would not have to keep my lap top open, but the black and white illustrations do not show up very well so keep that in mind. It’s a PDF pattern which I am not a fan of, thankfully there are not very many pieces which makes for a simple pattern assembly. This pattern has me dreaming of more versions of this dress, and I received 2 compliments this morning at work.


Oh the best part of the pattern? NO ALTERATIONS!!! (well, other than hem length but I don’t count that)


I used a raspberry coloured ponte knit because it’s winter and I wanted something thicker in this cold weather. I wore it twice  during my Paris trip because it really does look great and is so comfortable. I chose the 3/4 length sleeve option, and I am thinking that I should make a short sleeve version in black because that would be a fantastic wardrobe staple. How cute would that look with a denim jacket in the spring, or an orchid coloured cardigan?? The stupid thing is here I am dreaming of a black knit version of this dress when I just bought 8 dreamy French fabrics….Is there such thing as having too many fabrics in your stock pile? 


6 thoughts on “Lady Skater Dress

  1. Not such thing as ‘too many fabrics’ washed your mouth out with soap! LOL
    Lovely dress! I purchased this pattern recently and an developing an obsessive urge to sew it – even though it’s summer here !!

  2. Oh my goodness Kat! I love the dress! The color is absolutely amazing! I haven’t tried this pattern yet. I’ve been debating about it because I don’t like PDFs, may be I should give it a try.

    Oh, yes. You can never have to many fabrics! It’s coming from a fabric hoarder. I tried many times to be on a fabric ban even, but it never works.

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