Les tissues de Paris!


I just came back from Paris, and of course the only pics I managed to take were of the fabrics that I brought back with me. I was there for work for 4 nights so I did not have much time to shop, but managed to get to the Saint Pierre area and did most of the fabric shopping there. Fabric there is so cheap/reasonably price it’s hard to hold back. I did most of the buying at Les Coupons de Saint Pierre as they sell only 3 meter pieces and which saved a lot of time for me.


Theses  are the silks that I picked up, only 1.5 metres for the brown and black dots, and 3 of the blue geometric patterned. I see a blouse with a front tie for the brown silk, not sure for the blue yet.


These two cottons are so soft, I think the one on the left is sateen. I wish I had more room to bring back more of these, they feel that nice. Both were 10 Euros for 3 meters!



This cotton was the same price as the others I think it must be either voile or lawn as it’s slightly sheer and will need to be lined. I love the pattern. And yes I seem to be attracted to blues.


This mystery fabric was a super steal, only 5 euros for 3 meters. It’s black with a woven design and has a slight stretch. I am fairly sure it’s a cotton spandex mix, and I am hoping to get a skirt and a dress out of it with some careful planning and cutting.


I broke my personal rule of staying away from polys and synthetics, but these next two were so pretty and I think they would be nice and summer dresses, either more Vogue 8870’s or maybe a Sewaholic Saltspring or even Cambie dress. For polyester they are surprisingly light and have a lovely drape.


I did have to calm down on the fabric shopping even though all of this was only 90 Euros which is about $130 Canadian!! I am heading to LA soon and I have to have some money and room in my suitcase for more fabrics of course.

Any suggestions for specific projects for these fabrics??


4 thoughts on “Les tissues de Paris!

  1. I love them all. Fabrics are SO expensive in Australia and I’m struggling to find some nice stuff that won’t blow my wallet apart. I didn’t go to any fabric shops in Paris (or London) sadly. Such a shame. Next time I guess.

  2. Thanks Melanie. Have you tried online ordering? The fabric stores in Vancouver are not what they are in Paris and they are expensive too. Even when I include shipping charges, the selection and cost of US ordering is still better most times.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love your fabric selection! 🙂 I’m going to Paris next year as well, and I can’t wait to find treasures too. The mister and I are going for a wedding and will probably stay there a short time too, but I’m looking forward to fabric shopping there! 🙂

    • Lucky you! I hope Mister has strong arms and a lot of patience, because you will need some time and someone to carry your fabric for you. You will have so much fun there, and St-Pierre is the fabric district which is just so convenient.

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