The Anna Dress – By Hand London

Here is my Anna dress!

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anna2      anna      annaback

I was excited to make this dress because most other bloggers have commented on how easy the construction is, and they were right. I will say though that the instructions were not very clear, and if I hadn’t read other reviews on it, I don’t know if I would have picked up on the directions to use French seams. This was my first time sewing French seams, they look so clean and professional, I am sure I will use them again even when not called for.

Back to the dress that I made. I again used a cotton that has about 3 or 4 % spandex which makes for a very comfortable dress, plus it’s super soft. Two things about this fabric – I think it may stretch a but while sewing, and I am not too sure on the print. Oh well, I like the cut of the dress.

I cut the US size 6 but I am wondering if I should have cut the size smaller, I would have liked it better if it was more fitted around the waist.  I should have made the back adjustment that Sonja from did for hers, and I had to bring the sides in by an half inch on either side, and I could bring it in more. I am wondering now if making this dress with a fabric with no stretch would work better…

I realized that I hate facings after making this dress. Even though I under-stitched the facing and stitched them to the shoulder seams, they still do not want to stay in. Next time I make this dress I am going to follow Kathy’s construction with the straight neckline and use bias tape instead of the facings. Yes! That means I will make this dress again, the bodice is just so flattering.


10 thoughts on “The Anna Dress – By Hand London

  1. I just cut an Anna dress out too! I thought, well, everyone else I follow has made it, I better too! 🙂 Not sure exactly when I’ll sew it, I like to cut about 3 or 4 things out and once 😉

    I love the fabric print, it kind of like tie dyed but looks modern and suits an Anna, I think the fit looks good.

  2. So cute! Hopefully once I get some sewing experience under my belt I’ll be able to attempt the Anna (but I do need super clear instructions otherwise it’s FAIL central for me).

  3. Gorgeous dress I love the fabric too. Glad you were able to figure it out even with the instructions. I have been seeing the By Hand patterns a lot lately but never bought any. Yours is a great version it looks so so pretty on you. xx

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