The Miette Skirt

I love 70’s retro fashion, that era just really speaks to me. Tilly’s Miette skirt has been on my list for a while. In case you are not not familiar with her patterns, they are pdf downloads that you print out and either tape or glue the pieces together. The pattern was very well laid out, although I had a couple of issues with two of the pages not lining up properly. I think this was a copy/printer error on my end and not the pattern.


miette 4Image

Tilly has very well written instructions on her website with photographs for each of the steps. The pattern is super easy to put together, great for a beginner.The only alteration I made was removing 4 inches from the hem. I added my very first embroidery detail which was easier than I thought.

I chose a lightweight chambray fabric for the skirt and used beige thread for the embroidery detail. First time using this function on my sewing machine, and I can’t wait for a reason to do more!


I am not used to wearing skirts ( I wear dresses usually) so this will take some getting used to. Also, this was not the best choice for the upcoming fall season. However, I think I might try this pattern again without the pockets in a lightweight wool with a more fluid drape.

Oh and I am not one to toot my own horn, but I did a really good job of stitching in the ditch, first time!


10 thoughts on “The Miette Skirt

  1. I still haven’t conquered stitching in the ditch, and I even have a stitch in the ditch foot for my sewing machine! (I typically use it for edgestitching though!) Cute skirt!

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