Vogue 8870 – one hit one serious miss

After seeing some fantastic versions of Vogue 8870 online this summer I thought this would be a good dress to try for me – it’s summery, a Very Easy Vogue pattern (perfect for me with no too much experience), and there were a few options to it.

The Miss – the not so wearable muslin

I had ordered an 80’s printed knit from Michael Levine for $5 a yard which I had planned to use for another dress, but when I saw it I thought it would be perfect as the 8870. The key word here is “thought”. I ignored the fabric suggestions and just went ahead with it. I chose to do the version B top with the shorter skirt and skipped the high low hem because the print on the fabric is not reversible/double sided.  The pattern was easy enough, the instructions were fine.
failfailThis fabric choice was terrible, it’s too thick and bulky and adds to the waistline and the pockets bulge out at the hips……especially from the rear view. The elasticized waist turned out wonky, I am still not too sure what I did but it looks terrible without the belt. It’s 100% poly and the thickness means it’s  HOT HOT HOT. Not sexy hot, just sweaty hot. This version of the dress is sadly a fail. Sigh….oh well I am thinking of it as a muslin and a learning experience. Next time, follow the fabric suggestions!

The Win

8870 blue3                         8870 blue2 8870 blue1

Despite the fail, I went ahead with another dress about a month later.  I  found this super cute rayon challis (great for this dress) – it’s lightweight, easy to sew, $6.95/meter, and the print shows through almost completely on the reverse which made it perfect for the high low hem. I think unlined high low hems when the pattern only partially shows through looks unfinished. And the second time around was way easier. My 400 year old serger was on the fritz (ok I can’t figure out the tension on this thing ) so I used bias tape to finish the seams in the bodice, and just stitched the edges in the skirt.

I took inspiration from Sewaholic’s Saltspring dress and changed the double straps for a single tie strap which meant making a slight adjustment to the bodice front where the straps attach.  I also moved the straps on the back in by an inch to account for my narrow shoulders.

What a difference fabric choice makes!


8 thoughts on “Vogue 8870 – one hit one serious miss

  1. Came across your blog today and I just had to take a moment to give you Kudos! Your dress is adorable. Love the fabric! Makes me want to give rayon challis a try, though I have always been intimidated by it.

  2. The hit is a sure fire hit! So elegant and great choice of fabric. I’m totally with you on the high-low hems, can’t stand it when the reverse is so obviously a reverse. I don’t mine contrast but you can just tell when it’s been made with corners cut! You could probably still wear the muslin, looks fine from here! Might work in colder weather with tights. Such cool fabric.

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